What are the advantages of the M3D and M3S folding handgun?

Below are the advantages of our pistol folding handguns:

100% Concealability

  • Pocket Carry with no indication (like belt clips or bulges above your waistline)

Safest on the Market to carry loaded

  • 100% safe when folded with no possibility of an accidental discharge.  Trigger is inoperable until at least 80% unfolded.  Less daily stress – Visually see that it is folded and know it is safe not matter how you pick it up or if the barrel is pointed in a safe direction.

Thinnest in its class

  • Holsters will add thickness and height to any handgun.  There is no holster required to safely carry our pistol with a loaded chamber.  If you find one, please let us know.

Designed to maximize comfort

  • If you have ever holstered a handgun inside the waistband, then you know the issues of the handgun digging into your body, sweating, and the other discomforts.  With a pocket carry option, the difference in comfort is night and day.


  • No putting on gear (thick belts, oversized shirts, holster, spare magazine holder…etc.), constantly adjusting, and taking off gear every day.  Just grab and go.

Highest Ammunition Capacity

  • For the M3D, the standard (rectangle flush) magazine holds 21 rounds of 9mm, plus one in the chamber.  There is no handgun that comes with this high amount of capacity and is marketed as concealable.  If 21 rounds is not enough, you can increase and conceal larger capacity.  The picture shown uses a factory Glock 33-round (9mm) magazine.  The extended part is about an inch more than using the standard 21-round magazine.  Deploying with larger magazines does require pull the magazine down until the first round can index into the pistol and unfold.  For the M3S, the standard (rectangle flush) magazine holds 10 rounds of 9mm, plus one in the chamber.  If you want to double the capacity, get a spare 10 round magazine and throw it in your pocket on top of the folded M3S (which breaks up the

Most Versatile

  • Even though there are significant benefits to pocket carry, at the end of the day if you unfold the M3D, it is just like a traditional Glock 19 handgun.  For the M3S, you end up with  Glock 43, but with a longer grip and more ammunition capacity.  We even make holsters to still carry inside or outside the waistband traditionally.  You now have the best of both worlds and have the OPTION to fold it and pocket carry.