GRD- Grip Retention Device



If you have purchased a gun from us in the past and there is no widget to keep the gun locked in the folded position this is the peice you need. All you need to do is pay the shipping and handling price for this and we will send it out to you. It may take a full two weeks for it to be shipped to you.

*LARGE version is for those wishing to holster their Full Conceal.

Get the SMALL size for everyday carry without a holster. 


If you are looking to install your GRD click here.


The Full Conceal ‘Grip Retention Device’ (GRD) is a polymer device that attaches on the M3D Pistol front rail to help keep the M3D pistol in its folded position.  There are multiple types of Full Conceal M3D Pistol GRD devices and the installation for all is the same.


A typical GRD kit includes:

  • 1x – GRD (Type 1 Shown)
  • 1x – Metal Rail Spacer
  • 2x – Screw
  • 1x – Allen Wrench

To Install the GRD:

Step 1: Put the Metal Rail Spacer on the M3D Pistol Rail Notch

Step 2: Slide the GRD over the Metal Rail Spacer and fasten with screws on each side (do not over tighten)

Note: The GRD can be adjusted forwards or backwards to increase or decrease the amount of force it takes to unfold the grip.

When installed correctly, the lip of the GRD that will slightly flex and capture the tip of the folded trigger guard to hold the grip into the folded position.