MagSight – Picatinny Glock Mag Holder w/ Sight


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The MagSight is another innovation from Full Conceal.  If you have a pistol caliber carbine with a picatinny rail on top (like the M3MOD Shell, AR-9…etc.) that uses Glock magazines (9mm or .40 S&W), then the MagSight will give you a combination of pistol sights plus the ability to store a spare magazine.  You can also use the MagSight as a backup sight to your red dot optic and have a spare magazine in case you need it.

The MagSight is spare magazine holder that retains Glock double stack magazines (that have the same outer dimensions for the Glock 17, 19, 22, 23…etc.).  For example, you can put a factory Glock 33-round 9mm magazine or a Magpul 21-round 9mm magazine.  There is a flexible plastic tab that solidly locks the magazine in place where quick swinging of the firearm will not dislodge the spare magazine.  To remove the magazine, push up on the tab with your thumb and pull the spare magazine out.

Red-dot electronic can fail, therefore current solutions is to have flip up rear and front sights.  But with the MagSight it replaces these flip up sights saving you money and utilizes the space on your top rail.  If your batteries or red dot goes out, just transition your eyes lower through your red dot and use the MagSight sights.  You can transition quickly without having to lower your firearm to flip up any rear or front sights.  Also, you have a spare magazine, for a quick magazine change if you need.



  • Save money by not buying rear and front flip-up sights.
  • Utilize the top rail space in front of your red dot to hold a spare magazine.
  • If red dot goes out, you can quickly transition your eyes to the MagSight built-in sights and keep putting rounds on target without pausing to flip up any backup sights.
  • Spare magazine will allow for the fastest magazine change as it uses your off-hand and distance from top rail to magazine well is less.
  • Weight of the spare magazine reduce recoil and muzzle rise, allowing faster shots to be on target.
  • Reduce the need to carry a spare magazine on body.


  • Made from patent polymer with fiber glass re-enforcement.
  • Designed to be with the lowest profile possible (you can always add raisers for height).


  • (1x) Polymer MagSight
  • (1x) Allen Key
  • (2x) Bolt / Nut (for picatinny rail mount)