M3S Handgun (based on Glock 43)


The M3S handgun is a shorter and thinner version of the M3D.  It is based of a sub-compact Glock 43 frame, but with our folding design you will gain back two of the most compromised issues when it comes to sub-compact:  Grip Length and Ammunition Capacity.  Compared to the same rectangular footprint of a factory Glock 43 handgun and the M3S, the M3S increase the ammunition capacity by 40% (from 6 to 10 rounds) and increases the grip length so that even the biggest hands can get a full grip.  The revolutionary patent safety mechanism that makes the firearm inoperable while folded making it the safest gun you will ever carry loaded.


We take a new Glock 43 and modify it to fold and enhance the safety.  When folded, it has a footprint of a cellphone.  It unfolds with one smooth motion and transforms back into full-sized pistol with an impressive 11 rounds of (9mm) that is ready to shoot just by pulling the trigger.  



Caliber: 9mm
Magazine Capacity: 10 Rounds
Barrel Length: 3.39"
Length (Slide): 5.8"
Width (Slide): 0.75"
Height (Top of Slide to folded Grip): 3.75"
Trigger Pull: 5.5 lbs.
Weight (no mag): 470g / 16.58oz / 1.04 lbs



(1x) M3S Pistol (based on Glock 43)
(1x) FC Arms M3S 10-Round (9mm) Magazine

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M3S Handgun (based on Glock 43)

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