Glock 43 Magazine – 10 Round (9mm) by FC Arms


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Glock 43 Magazine – 10 Round (9mm) by FC Arms

The first Glock 43 (10-round) 9mm magazine that is 50 state compliant.  Travel across states with your CCW without worry.  Increase your Glock 43 Pistol grip length without the bulkiness of magazine extenders.  Get a better grip with your support hand to stabilize your shots.

Also, maximize your carrying capacity as a spare magazine.  Perfect to conceal in most pockets without the need of a spare magazine holder on your belt.  Holds a maximum of 10-rounds (9mm) with half-a-round play when topped off (making the top round easier to chamber).

Made with the latest polymer advancements to reduce magazine weight by 33%, while increasing ammo capacity by 40% (compared to a factory Glock 43 magazine which is 52 grams and holds 6-rounds).

Length: 1.3”

Width: 0.6”

Height: 5”

Weight (empty):  35 grams

Withstands heat up to 460°F

High Resistance to harsh chemicals, UV, heat, and cold.

Made in the USA.  100 Year Warranty.

Note:  This will not work with the Glock 43X.