Q:  What is the warranty on Full Conceal Products?


Handguns – Full Conceal has a lifetime warranty on all manufactured parts from defects.  If the handgun was purchased new from Fullconceal.com directly or verified dealer, we will also absorb the original factory Glock warranty. 


Services – All conversions of existing firearms will have the Full Conceal lifetime warranty on all manufactured parts from defects.


Accessories – All accessories have a 1-year warranty from manufactured defects.

Q: Can you ship directly to my house or do you need to ship to my gun shop?

Any handgun item (except the M3D-P80) needs to be shipped to your local gun shop where you will need to go through the same process for purchasing any firearm.  All other items can be shipped directly to your home.  If you purchase a handgun with other items on the same sales order, the entire shipment will be sent to your local gun shop.


Q:  How do I buy a Full Conceal Handgun?


Easy, after you checkout and purchase the handgun you want on our website, someone from Full Conceal will contact you by phone and/or email to coordinate the nearest gun shop of where you want the handgun delivered.  You can also specific to us a specific gun shop that you may like it shipped to.   


You go to your gun shop and proceed through the transfer process for you to legally receive your handgun (registration, background check…etc.).  The gun shop may charge you an additional fee for this transfer process (usually around $50).

If you are denied the ability to own the handgun, and if the handgun is in the same new condition, you can send it back to Full Conceal (where a 20% restocking fee will occur).

Q:  What are the advantages of the M3D and M3S folding handgun?

100% Concealability – Pocket Carry with no indication (like belt clips or bulges above your waistline)

Safest on the Market to carry loaded – 100% safe when folded with no possibility of an accidental discharge.  Trigger is inoperable until at least 80% unfolded.  Less daily stress - Visually see that it is folded and know it is safe not matter how you pick it up or if the barrel is pointed in a safe direction.

Thinnest in its class – Holsters will add thickness and height to any handgun.  There is no holster required to safely carry our pistol with a loaded chamber.  If you find one, please let us know.

Designed to maximize comfort – If you have ever holstered a handgun inside the waistband, then you know the issues of the handgun digging into your body, sweating, and the other discomforts.  With a pocket carry option, the difference in comfort is night and day.

Convenient – No putting on gear (thick belts, oversized shirts, holster, spare magazine holder…etc.), constantly adjusting, and taking off gear every day.  Just grab and go. 

Highest Ammunition Capacity – For the M3D, the standard (rectangle flush) magazine holds 21 rounds of 9mm, plus one in the chamber.  There is no handgun that comes with this high amount of capacity and is marketed as concealable.  If 21 rounds is not enough, you can increase and conceal larger capacity.  The picture shown uses a factory Glock 33-round (9mm) magazine.  The extended part is about an inch more than using the standard 21-round magazine.  Deploying with larger magazines does require pull the magazine down until the first round can index into the pistol and unfold.  For the M3S, the standard (rectangle flush) magazine holds 10 rounds of 9mm, plus one in the chamber.  If you want to double the capacity, get a spare 10 round magazine and throw it in your pocket on top of the folded M3S (which breaks up the

Most Versatile – Even though there are significant benefits to pocket carry, at the end of the day if you unfold the M3D, it is just like a traditional Glock 19 handgun.  For the M3S, you end up with  Glock 43, but with a longer grip and more ammunition capacity.  We even make holsters to still carry inside or outside the waistband traditionally.  You now have the best of both worlds and have the OPTION to fold it and pocket carry.


Q:  What is the difference between the M3D Gen 3 or M3D Gen 4?  Which do you recommend?


Currently, the latest model is our M3D Gen 4 which is based on the Glock 19 Gen 4.  The M3D Gen 3 is based on the Glock 19 Gen 3 and is a special-order product (please contact us if you need a Gen 3).  However, our conversion service is available to both Gen 3 and Gen 4. 

From a cosmetic standpoint, the only difference is the grip texture.  The Gen 3 is smooth, while the Gen 4 has a checkering pattern that helps with grip when your hands get sweaty.  Internally the recoil spring on the Gen 3 is different versus the Gen 4. 

If you are purchasing a new M3D from us we recommend the Gen 4 (the current model), because of the improved recoil spring and textured grip.  

Q: Will you be folding any other handgun brands or models?


Yes, we are constantly innovating and will release the next brand/model once we have completed our final production model.  Currently, what is available are:


  • Glock 19 (Gen 3 or Gen 4)

  • Glock 43


Special Order (please contact us) – Glock (23/25/32/38) – Gen 3 or Gen 4

We also have our own branded frame – M3D-AL (Aluminum Glock 19 Frame for Gen 3/4/5)

Q:  What are the M3D-AL important operating instructions?

***IMPORTANT***:  The M3D-AL was designed to use Glock Gen 4 internal parts, but still works with Gen 3/4/5 upper assemblies (Gen 3 recoil springs require installation of the included cap).

***IMPORTANT***:  For the M3D-AL (Aluminum Pistol Frame), if you are using a Glock GEN 3 recoil spring, you MUST use the supplied conversion cap and place it front of the recoil spring (below the front of the barrel) when you insert your GEN 3 recoil spring into the upper assembly.  Failure to do so will result in permanent damage to the frame.   If you are using a GEN 4 or Gen 5 recoil spring, you do not need this cap.


***IMPORTANT***:  We have applied a copper anti-seize to the friction points.  This is NOT rust.  Do not remove the copper anti-seize (apply more if needed).


***IMPORTANT***:  When attaching an upper assembly (Slide, Barrel, Recoil Spring) to the M3D-AL frame, you must depress the trigger first to allow the upper assembly to move all the way towards the back to properly attach.  Remember, if you are using a compatible Glock Gen 3 upper assembly, you must use the included cap that is placed in the front of the recoil spring (nearest the front of the barrel).  The M3D-AL was designed to accept factory Glock upper assemblies and we cannot guarantee that all aftermarket slides will fit on the rail (as they may have tighter tolerances).

Q:  Will a Glock 23 Upper Assembly work with the M3D-AL frame?


To work with a Glock 23 slide (Gen 3/4/5), the M3D-AL requires a different trigger housing.  Please contact us at contactus@fullconceal.com for this custom order.


The M3D-AL frame is compatible with Glock 19 (Gen 3/4/5) Upper Assemblies.  

Note:  If you are using a compatible Gen 3 slide, you the Gen 3 recoil springs require installation of the included cap


Q: Which Glocks can I convert into a Full Conceal folding handgun?


  • Glock 19 (Gen 3 or Gen 4)

  • Glock 43

  • Glock 23 (Gen 3 or Gen 4) – Note: This conversion is a special order and will ship with a factory Glock 15-round magazine.  Please contact us for this conversion.

  • Note:  We can convert Glock 25/32/38 on special request.  Please contact us for details.

Q: How fast is the conversion service?


Upon purchasing our conversion service, we will ship you a welcome box that should be delivered within 5 business days.  The welcome box is for putting your frame (along with all internal parts) and included is a pre-paid air shipping label.  Once we receive your frame, we will ship out your converted frame within 10-business days back to your home (also by air).

Q:  Can I convert my Glock that has been customized?


Depending on what kind of customization, we may be able to still customize it.  The best is before your purchase our conversion service, please send us an email to contactus@fullconceal.com with a picture of your customized Glock and we will let you know.

Note:  Our conversion process is very precise, and we do our best to accommodate customized pistols.  As a disclaimer, if you submit a customized Glock for conversion, even if we accept it, if something goes wrong (from our side), we will only replace the frame as a factory Glock frame (and not be responsible for all the costs of your customizations, such as stippling…etc.)

Please note that the original factory Glock trigger will be destroyed (as that is the only way to remove it from the trigger bar) and replaced with our patent proprietary folding trigger.  If you have any expensive or customized trigger shoes, then we would suggest swapping them out with the original factory components before you send it into for conversion. 

Stippling / Trigger Undercut - Usually stippling the grip has no consequence on the conversion.  But we do cut the grip short removing the third finger groove.  Some customize the lower trigger guard with more undercut for the finger and this will result with our hinges not being completely flush in certain areas due to missing material from the customized undercut.  But there is no effect on the reliability or functionality of the folding mechanism.

Cerakote – While we do our best to ensure we don’t scratch any part of your firearm, we can’t guarantee anything on any customization like cerakote.  But note that after we cut the frame, the inside material is black.  Also, we hand debur the newly cut edges.  So, there will be a boarder around these newly cut areas. 


Q:  Which states have a magazine capacity limit and will I get a magazine from Full Conceal?

Note:  If you purchase any of our handguns or magazines, we will rivet them so they can only accept 10 rounds or 15 rounds (depending on your mag limit location).

California – 10 rounds or less unless you have a High Capacity Magazine Permit.

Colorado – 15 rounds or less

Hawaii – 10 rounds or less

Illinois –

  • Aurora – 15 rounds or less

  • Chicago – 12 rounds or less

  • Cicero – 15 rounds or less

  • Franklin Park – 16 rounds or less

  • Oak Park – 10 rounds or less

  • Riverdale – 35 rounds or less of centerfire

Indiana –

  • South Bend – 15 rounds or less

Kansas –

  • Wichita – 20 rounds or less

Massachusetts – 10 rounds or less

Maryland – 10 rounds or less

New Jersey – 15 rounds or less

New York –

  • Buffalo – 5 rounds or less

  • Pochester – 5 rounds or less

  • New York City – 5 rounds or less

  • All Others – 10 rounds or less. Pre-ban magazines are not allowed

Ohio –

  • Cincinnati – 10 rounds or less

  • Cleveland – 20 rounds or less

  • Columbus – 20 rounds or less

  • Dayton – 10 rounds or less

  • Toledo – 10 rounds or less

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