Can I convert my Glock that has been customized?

Depending on what kind of customization, we may be able to still customize it.  The best is before your purchase our conversion service, please send us an email to with a picture of your customized Glock and we will let you know.

Note:  Our conversion process is very precise, and we do our best to accommodate customized pistols.  As a disclaimer, if you submit a customized Glock for conversion, even if we accept it, if something goes wrong (from our side), we will only replace the frame as a factory Glock frame (and not be responsible for all the costs of your customizations, such as stippling…etc.)

Please note that the original factory Glock trigger will be destroyed (as that is the only way to remove it from the trigger bar) and replaced with our patent proprietary folding trigger.  If you have any expensive or customized trigger shoes, then we would suggest swapping them out with the original factory components before you send it into for conversion.

Stippling / Trigger Undercut – Usually stippling the grip has no consequence on the conversion.  But we do cut the grip short removing the third finger groove.  Some customize the lower trigger guard with more undercut for the finger and this will result with our hinges not being completely flush in certain areas due to missing material from the customized undercut.  But there is no effect on the reliability or functionality of the folding mechanism.

Cerakote – While we do our best to ensure we don’t scratch any part of your firearm, we can’t guarantee anything on any customization like cerakote.  But note that after we cut the frame, the inside material is black.  Also, we hand debur the newly cut edges.  So, there will be a boarder around these newly cut areas.