The REAL Pocket Concealed Carry—Why a Folding Gun Will Bring Back Pocket Carry

Even though you find it necessary, you may still have reservations when it comes to acquiring a pocket concealed carry. Concealed handguns do offer protection some inconveniences may somehow change your mind about carrying a full-sized pistol in public.  

Aside from the risk of accidental discharge, carrying a loaded weapon around your waist or in your pocket may cause discomfort because of its size. You may not be able to successfully hide it either especially during a hot day when you prefer to wear lighter clothing. It would then defeat the purpose of ‘concealed carry’ when people can notice it bulging from your body. Most citizens feel the need to arm themselves, but the trouble of carrying one may prevent you from doing so.   

The Risks and Inconveniences of a Pocket Concealed Carry  

Even a seasoned gunslinger is not exempted from the possible risks and inconveniences that a legal pocket carry may cause. You should be able to feel confident when you have a pistol in hand to protect yourself when the situation calls for it. But with the way handguns are designed, it can make you anxious instead. A pocket-sized handgun has its benefits but there are also issues that are hard to ignore: 

Issue #1. Concealment is Ineffective with a Full-sized Handgun  

Ideally, you want a handgun that you can comfortably conceal, which means that a full-sized handgun is not your best choice. A six-round capacity .380 Auto, which is a step down from a 9mm, for example, is far from ideal but something you would rather carry than nothing at all. Like Hickok45 said: “A .380 with you is more valuable than a .45 that is sitting at home. 

Issue #2. Pocket Holsters Have Limitations 

When it comes to pocket pistol and holster, most people look for something that fits into the pocket. But there are disadvantages: 

  • The sizes of the pistol and holster can be overwhelming when combined that it defeats the purpose of concealing it. This may give you a hard time drawing the gun out at a moment’s notice.  
  • Most holsters have a hook that creates friction inside your pocket. But sometimes, the holster goes with your handgun as you draw, slowing you down. This is a bad thing during a confrontation. Before you know it, a gun may be pointed at you already.   
  • The tip of the holster can put enough pressure on one specific point on the bottom of your pocket seam and break through. Without a holster, your handgun may also start moving diagonally in your pocket, making it hard to draw. 

The holster is important as it protects the trigger guard, helps distribute the weight of the gun and secure it in your pocket, and breaks up the handgun footprint. Not all holsters perfectly do the job though.  

Issue #3. Extra Caution and Safety 

Being able to disengage active retention within the confined space of a pocket may not be practical. Many pocket holsters have no active retention to help draw your gun quickly.  Therefore, you must be aware that your gun may slide out of the holster and possibly your pocket when sitting.  Just an inch of movement may expose the trigger guard 

Worse, your gun may fall completely out in full view, which is a bad idea when you are in public. It is paramount to find a holster with just the right amount of retention and shape to avoid such scenarios.   

Drawing the gun from your pocket is different than drawing it from your waist. Since your pocket is a confined space, the narrow opening can force your finger down when drawing leading to accidental discharge. The same thing can happen when re-holstering your gun. The risk is high if you do not know how to pocket carry properly, which is why training and practice are necessary.  

Folding Handgun – 3 Reasons Why It’s an Effective Alternative with Valuable Features that Make It the Perfect Fix   

Situations like hot weather may force you to choose the concealed pocket carry over the traditional waistband carry. And with typical pocket carry pistols, it is equally inconvenient as a full-sized pistol but seems like the only solution in situations like above. But why would you stop at this option when there is a more convenient and efficient alternative? What if someone tells you: “I have a .19 and it folds in my pocket”?  

If you are always struggling with ways on how to pocket carry safely and conveniently, a folding handgun could end your dilemma. Many people are starting to realize the benefits of it as it is more discreet and reliable. If there is a problem, there is a solution. But what can you expect from this revolutionary pocket concealed carry?  

Fix #1. Full-Sized Gun with Ability to Pocket Conceal Carry 

A smaller pistol like the .380 Auto is a better choice if the size is your concern. You tend to pick this one even if it compromises capacity and caliber. On the other hand, the Full Conceal M3D Handgun has the quality of a full-sized gun without taking up much space in your pocket. It will give you 21+1 shots of a 9mm, which is three times the capacity of a .380 Auto at a LE/Military caliber. 

Interestingly, the M3D handgun is slimmer than an average pistol, which is a huge advantage because you can pocket conceal carry without detection.  

Fix #2. No More Thick Holsters 

Folding handguns do not need a holster as the folding acts as a holster.  With the M3D handgun, the grip must be unfolded at least 80% before the trigger becomes active.  When the folded firearm sits with the muzzle down in your pocket, the magazine is flushed with the barrel face so you get a nice even surface that will disperse the weight of the gun across your bottom pocket seams. It will keep the gun standing straight up in a reliable draw position.  

Also, the folded gun, with the slide and magazine running parallel to each other, looks more like a cell phone than a firearm. Easily draw it like a cell phone just the same using your thumb and index finger. This way, the gun barrel will start moving away from your body and only be active when it is pointed at your target.  The same goes when you are done shooting. This will reduce any chance of accidental discharge making it the safest gun you will ever carry even when loaded. 

The M3D handgun also has a space in between the fold so air can flow freely, preventing sweat buildup behind your concealed pocket carry. 

Fix #3. The Safest Gun You Will Ever Carry 

Deploying a regular full-sized pistol can be dangerous during stressful situations, like a mass shooting. Even a trained individual can get caught up and fumble when drawing it, which may result in an accidental discharge.       

Size is what makes the folding gun the best pocket gun for concealed carry. Because it folds into a small rectangle the size of a cellphone, you can draw ahead of your unsuspecting offender.  

This design gives you the fastest transition position even when a gun is already pointed at you. It allows you to pre-draw in public without attracting attention.  Traditional guns will be recognizable even when hidden in your pocket while the M3D will be fully concealed until the barrel is pointed at your target. 

Full Conceal M3D Handgun – Caliber, Capacity, and Convenience in One Revolutionary Weapon 

A pocket concealed carry is both a boon and a bane to individuals who are after their own and their loved ones’ safety. Like them, you always want to be safe, and a handgun would come in handy in times of danger.  

But with its size and the troubles the come with it especially when it’s time to draw, the disadvantages can outweigh the advantages. Consider them a thing of the past though. With the release of Full Conceal M3D Folding Handgun, you now have a more convenient and safe choice 

Full Conceal’s folding handguns are smaller and lighter, yet still packed with power and functionality. If you want caliber, capacity, and convenience, the Full Conceal M3D handgun would be the best concealed carry pocket gun you would ever own.   

For more information on the Full Conceal Fold Handguns, visit www.fullconceal.comor contact the store right away!