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Carrying a concealed firearm can be problematic as often safety, firepower and comfort are sacrificed

Also ‘concealed’ is usually not as concealed as people would like

With innovative solutions, we believe these problems can be solved

Carrying a handgun can be safe, comfortable and fully concealed all without sacrificing firepower

Mike Full, father, husband and CEO of Full Conceal, spent a lot of time thinking about worst-case defense scenarios and how to give the ‘non-tactical’ defenders a fighting chance. The challenge was how to get them to carry a serious, fighting- handgun for self-defense when many had already compromised on caliber effectiveness, accuracy, shoot-ability, and ammunition capacity for the sake of convenience.

To this end he invented and patented, a means to convert popular conventional Glock handguns into compact, inconspicuous and ultra-safe folding guns that people can use without the safety worries and lifestyle changes that come with carrying conventional handguns. The folded guns can be dropped in the pocket and are no more dangerous to you than your keys, wallet or phone.

Full Conceal sells new folding pistols and we have a conversion service where you can send in your old pistol to convert.

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