concealed carry business attire- easy to conceal with folding gun by full conceal

Are you looking for a concealed carry
firearm that really is concealed?

Do you want that solution without firepower compromises?

We create folding pistols that are easy to conceal and don’t compromise on safety and firepower!

Don't believe it?

See our folding handgun solution here

From the CEO: As COVID-19 continues to impact our communities, we are committed to doing what's best for our customers and associates. Safety has always been our number one priority, and so we appreciate your patience and support through these times.

We are still accepting orders to serve your safety needs, and fulfillment times and responses from customer support might take longer than expected. Protect your loved ones and stay safe. We will get through this together.

uncomfortable holster- concealed carry business attire- pocket carry foldable pistol uncomfortable holster- concealed carry business attire- pocket carry foldable pistol

Are you a professional and want
to concealed carry without concern
of making it obvious?

Is safety and comfort of primary importance to you?

Conceal carry your firearm in confidence with a folding handgun.

Be safe, be comfortable!

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why should i conceal carry- dangerious world criminals- folding gun why should i conceal carry- dangerious world criminals- folding gun

Do you believe America is becoming a
more dangerous place?

Are you seeing increased crime and mass shootings; potential danger in both the public and workplaces?

Would you like to be able to concealed carry a hand gun comfortably and with ultimate safety?

There are better ways to carry a firearm!

Start here and never feel unsafe again

Do you want to be able to carry a concealed handgun comfortably?

Do you doubt that it is even possible to be able to be comfortable while carrying?

We have a unique innovative conceal carry solution that does just that!

Be comfortable & carry your concealed firearm safely

See our demo video here

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Do you feel uncomfortable appendix
carrying and believe it is more difficult
to conceal?

Are you looking for a better way to carry a firearm?

Our folding handgun solutions make it easy to fully conceal and yet remain comfortable all day!

Carry the smart way…

See our folding handguns in action

The folding handgun that offerS A solution to
every challenge associated with everyday carry

Innovation in the concealed carrying industry should be about more than just “looks.” Our Folding
Glocks focus on achieving the impossible in all aspects of gun standards.


Safest pistol on the market to carry chambered without a holster

best concealed carry gun with a manual safety- loaded firearm safety


No longer need to sacrifice comfort or convenience to carry

full conceal comfortability - ease with clothing concealed carry folding_gun

Truly Concealed

Prints like a cell phone and fits in smaller spaces

safest gun to carry- pocket carry means truly concealed imprints like phone


Highest ammo capacity compared to any other handgun on the market

most powerful concealed carry full conceal folding guns


Hello to all of those looking at the line of FullConceal products and more specifically the folding handgun line. I'm a 27 yr. Law Enforcement veteran and a strong advocate of conceal carry by anyone legal to do so. When asked about conceal carry, the first thing I tell people is, get a gun you are comfortable with and will carry, or what's the point? 

FullConceal makes that first step in choosing a weapon that must  easier and will cover that first decision to grab that gun on the way out the door and have it on you. Although a little unconventional to other handguns, at least you'll have it on or with you!

Whether it's in a pocket, purse or within reach, just knowing it's there is a piece of mind. Next, with any handgun used for concealment,  Practice, Practice, Practice! I feel that FullConceal can offer that element of concealment and at the same time an element of surprise to a threat giving you that extra edge you may need!